How to make your skin blemishes free?


It is clear that skin blemishes spoil your beauty looks. Most of the teenagers have skin blemishes and acne on face. Many of the adults too have this facial blemishes. Here are some effective methods about how to remove dullness from your face and have blemish free skin.

What are Blemishes?

We can say that Blemishes are skin imperfections like pigmentation marks, acne-marks and dark spots. These are usually caused by stress and oil-clogged pores.

How to get rid of Blemishes?


  1.  Prevention is better than cure:- Prevention is the very first step to get rid of blemishes. Start treating acne, whiteheads and blackheads as soon as they start appearing.
  2.  Day to day skin care:- Wash your face daily with a mild cleanser. Avoid using harsh scrubs as they leave a negative impact on skin.
  3.   Avoid too much sun exposure:- Sun rays can cause blemishes. Apply a good sunscreen with at least SPF 15 in your exposed skin areas.
  4.  Calamine Lotion:- Calamine lotion helps in removing the skin blemishes. Use it on your face as frequently as needed.
  5.  Honey, Lemon Juice and Turmeric Powder:- Make a paste of all these and apply this mixture gently over the skin blemishes daily.
  6.  Sandalwood Paste:- Mix Sandalwood along with Rose water and glycerine. Apply it on the face. It will make your skin clear, acne free and blemish free.
  7.  Potato:- Rub potato on your skin to lessen blemishes. This is a very good tip about how to remove blemish from your face and make the face beautiful and charming.
  8. Almond Oil:- Almond Oil is another natural home remedy to remove blemishes on face and from other body parts too.
  9.  Orange Peels:- Oranges contain Vitamin C. Mince the peels along with water and apply this paste on your face to remove skin blemishes.
  10. Carrot:-  Eat raw carrots and carrot juice for glowing skin. It also helps in removing the sun blemishes. It will make your skin glowing and clear too.