Like US, Kuwait too banned Visa on 5 Muslim-majority countries including, Pakistan


Kuwait City: Kuwait suspended visas issuance to 5 Muslim majority countries like Syria, Afganistan, Irag, Iran and Pakistan. Like US, Kuwait too banned visa on 5 Muslim-majority countries including Pakistan. Kuwait Government told would-be migrants from the five above listed banned nations to not apply for visas.


After the executive order of US President Donald Trump, banning seven Muslim- majority countries, the Kuwait govt. prohibited the entry of the 5 Muslim¬†-majority countries. US President Donald Trump denied US entry for all the refugees from all over the world for 120 days while the immigration from the countries that are concerned with terrorism¬†will be suspended for 90 days. Trump said that his decision to impose travel restrictions on people belonged to these seven countries was aimed at keeping “bad people with bad intentions” away from America. The countries are Syria, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Iraq. Kuwait in 2011 already issued a suspension of visas for all Syrians. In 2015, a group of militants bombed a Shia mosque in which 27 Kuwaiti nationals were killed. Kuwait foiled three terror plots in July 2016, planned by ISIS.


Pakistan’s Ambassador in Kuwait Ghulam Dastagir on Thursday invalidated reports of a visa boycott put on the nation by Kuwait, as revealed by Pakistan news organization Geo TV. In an announcement to the media, as cited by Geo TV, Dastagir allegedly said Kuwait hasn’t put any visa restriction on Pakistani nationals, including that news web-based social networking about the boycott are unmerited. Pakistan’s reaction comes in the background of Kuwait suspending the issuance of visas for nationals of Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran.

Observers pointed out that on Trump’s list, most of the nations have substantial Muslim populations and these nations are experiencing some form of military or economic conflict.