Valentine’s Day 2017- The Countdown begins………….


Valentine’s  Day is the day celebrated all over the world, including India. It is basically a symbol of love between couples and friends. It starts its beginning from a week before as a Rose day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day and all. The countdown begins for the coming Valentine’s Day 2017.


Rose Day: On this day,  you can offer roses to someone you want to make your better half. Go beyond who gives you how much and when and prepare for tomorrow. A bouquet of roses, red, white, pink or yellow can never be a bad idea to impress someone. If your partner is not interested into flowers you can give her or him a small pot of the shrub grafted into it. But celebrating Rose Day is nothing but just a reason to celebrate your love for each other.Rose Day is simply one more motivation to praise your affection for each other.


Propose Day: This day comes after Rose Day. In the event that something is left implied, one must keep it so and the  approach the individual for their enthusiasm to invest their energy with you. This day denotes the start of the commencement for the week finishing on Valentine’s Day. This day turns into another motivation to not investigate every possibility and communicate to your perfect partner that you need to be with them.


Chocolate Day: Friends, family and mates can appreciate this day, the Valentine Week is to enhance love in your life. What’s more, ‘muh mitha karna’ is only a piece of it. This entire day is devoted to that logic. You can blessing chocolates and furthermore recieve chocolates from your friends and family. Go for chocolates your friends and family regularly pine for however are rarer. A decent Chocolate Day will clearly spare you a date.



Promise Day: This day is for lovers who want to promise each other small or big things for a lifetime. Do not shy away from promises, some words are precious and drives love in the direction of commitment. If you are able to commit your partnership will reach a more stable plane and this one day will be one of the most memorable one.


Teddy Day: On this day you pamper your mates by giving them teddies. Stuffed toys are loved by everyone. If someone is not very fond of it, you can give them teddy souvenirs, they are sweet and tiny and will act as a token of affection. But teddy is given only to tell your beloved ones that they will always be treated like a baby. If they are ever angry with you, they will remember this teddy as a token of love. For singles arrange teddies for your friends and family and notice how the atmosphere in your home changes. A suspended glad teddy bear is a good addition to any room.


Hug Day: On this day you get an opportunity to embrace your accomplice and companion and express your affection amazing. It is an adorable method for communicating without words for the individuals who are awful with saying what they feel. Embracing is the least complex approach to express your affection, so simply ahead and embrace each other.